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Instax Share SP-2

Product Overview

Instax Share SP-2

"The best moments in your life are stored in your smartphone: Happy times you spent with your friends, breathtaking scenery you just had to capture.."

If you enjoy keeping great moments on your smartphone or posting them on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll love the experience of printing and sharing them. With instax Share SP-2, you can turn these memories into special instax prints that you can keep or share. 



instax Share app

Just by downloading Fujifilm's proprietary free app, you can print smartphone images easily.

instax Share app
instax Share app

iPod Touch®/iPhone®/iPad®

instax Share app


[Operating environment]
· Android™ phones: Installed with Android Ver. 4.0 or later and Google Play.
· iPhones: Installed with iOS Ver. 8.0 or later.
* Some types of phones satisfying the above conditions may not be compatible with instax SHARE even if the app is installed.
* With regard to customers who use Android ver. 6.0.x or later, there is a case that the connection between the smartphone and the printer does not work if GPS function is OFF.For customers corresponding to this phenomenon, please turn on the GPS function when you use instax SHARE.

instax Share app

Image Quality

Superb Image Quality

High resolution with print pixels of 800 x 600 dots and 320 dpi to show detailed gradations
and the facial expressions of a full-length portrait, character or objects clearly.


Instax Share SP2 - Image Quality Feature

instax technology excels in color development and preservation.

The instax system develops colors by delivering the light to pigments and producing chemical reactions.
It reduces the deterioration of color and sharpness of images caused by aging which
provides excellent image stability just like silver-halide photographic prints.


High-speed printing in 10 seconds

A new laser exposure system achieves a faster printing time of 10 seconds from print data transfer to print output.
At the same time, printing noise is lower which makes your printing experience much more enjoyable.


Instax Share SP2 - Printing Feature
Instax Share SP2 - Printing Feature


Share as many instax prints as you can with the Reprint Button.
Reprint button allow you to share the same print with others

Instax Share SP2 - Reprint Feature


Recording Method 3-color exposure with OLED
Film Fujifilm INSTAX mini instant color film (sold separately)
Photo Capacity 10 prints / pack
Image Size 62mm x 46mm
Supported Image Size 800 x 600 dots
Printing Resolution 320 dpi
Printing Levels 256 levels per color (RGB)
Interface Standard Compliance IEEE802.11b/g, Operation frequency: 2.4GHz (5GHz is not supported.)
Supported Image Format JPEG, PNG
Printing Time Image recording - photo output (Feed out) Approx. 10 sec.
Approximate pringting capacity Approx. 100 prints (Based on our test conditions)
*Varies depending on the conditions of use.
Power Supply NP-45S(1 piece)
Charging Time Approx. 90 minutes (Varies depending on the battery remaining level)
Power Consumption 2 W
Operating Temperature +5°C to + 40°C / +41°F to + 104°F(no condensation)
Dimensions 89.5mm x 131.8mm x 40mm (excluding projections)
Weight 250g (without battery and film pack)
Supplied Accessory USB cable (BOB711)

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.