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Top 5 Gift Ideas Your BFF Will Truly Love

December 08, 2017

Christmas is upon us once again. With the wonderful aroma of peppermint coffee wafting from every corner of the street, longer weekend bazaars, and heavier traffic, the holiday season has definitely kicked in. With all the excitement going on around us, we can’t help but plan our trips, parties, home decorations, and gift-giving. When it comes to presents however, there are only a few people in our lives that really mean something to us—our moms, dads, brothers, sisters—and of course our best friend. Christmas is all about being together but at the same time, we all also love the abundance of food and presents!

Though shopping during the holidays can be fun, it can get very hectic, leaving you with tired gift ideas. If you think you’re running out of ideas for gifts to give your best friend, you can always get creative and go for a more personalized approach—as opposed to going to the department store and getting something generic. Of course, it’s still always the thought that counts, but your BFF definitely deserves something extra special. To help you in that area, we’ve rounded up some pretty awesome gift ideas that your best friend will surely love:

Cacti and succulent plants

if your best friend lives in a condominium or an apartment and having a garden is not possible, then succulents and cacti makes for a brilliant present. Not only are they pleasing to look at—you can display them on tables, windows, floors, and shelves—they are also pretty low maintenance given their ability to store water in their foliage. Simply tie a ribbon around its pot and put a personalized card, and you’re good to go!




Origami crane jar

nothing melts the heart like sentimental gifts. If you want to express your appreciation for your BFF, start cracking and learn how to make paper cranes. Choose colorful or printed origami paper and a transparent jar to fill them up with your folded cranes. Traditionally, 1000 cranes symbolize hope and healing. In Asia, young couples believe that if you fold 1000 cranes, your wish will come true.




BFF calendar

instead of getting those generic calendars, why not personalize one for your BFF? All you need is your trusty instax camera! Once you’re done collating your chosen photos, arrange them according to month and insert some captions. To add a touch of nostalgia, put some of your favorite quotes or other memorable phrases.




Emergency feel-good kit

we all have our ups and downs in life and sometimes, all we need is a hug from our bestie. To remind your best friend that you’re always there for them, create an emergency feel-good kit. Get a nice box or container put some mood-lifter items only you and your best friend understand. It could be anything from a mix tape to a bunch of chocolates to even a lucky t-shirt!



A good old scrapbook

scrapbooking may be something you heard from your mom but who said it has to be dated or boring? There are many ways you can spruce up a scrapbook. You can go the traditional way and use old photos and trinkets or go digital and create your very own photo diary. Either way, your best friend will surely appreciate your effort of putting together your most special memories.

Remember, no matter how “small” or inexpensive you might think your present will be, it’s truly the thought and love that counts!