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The Instax Fitness Project: How To Plan Your Fitness Routine For 2018

January 24, 2018


A few weeks have already passed since our month-long traditional Christmas and New Year food festivities. Like everyone else, you’ve probably enjoyed a little too much and are starting to feel and see the effects of the nonstop “food-tasting” over the holidays. As New Year encourages us to push for a healthier lifestyle, we are compelled to do whatever it takes to get back in shape. Whether it’s pushing yourself to detox via juicing, dieting, or exercise, the beginning of the year is always the best time to motivate yourself and to jumpstart your post-holiday indulgence healthy lifestyle plan.

There are several ways to get fit. Some people prefer cutting down on carbs by strict dieting, others hit the gym, while others combine their own techniques to get rid of unwanted bulges. Whatever method we choose, each healthy scheme has its own benefits. If you’ve been looking for new ways to get fit, here are some handy planning tips to help you get started:

Create and customize your own fitness calendar

Ditch the digital way and create a physical monthly calendar for your fitness routine. It’s better to make a bigger one to accommodate a detailed schedule and some images as well.



Hit the scales

Before hitting the gym, or commencing anything, you’d want to weigh yourself first and write it on your calendar. This is to keep track of your progress as you go along. Avoid checking your weight frequently. It’s best to do it only once, at the beginning of your project timetable to avoid getting distracted or demotivated.



Take pictures

Take a “before” picture first. Just like weighing yourself, you want to chronicle your development over time. For better results, use an instant camera instead of your smartphone so you can post it on the first day of your fitness calendar. Depending on how your personal plan, take “after” photos at the end of every segment.



Find a fitness partner

Though this is optional, it’s good to have someone to work with. This not only helps you get motivated, but it makes the experience more fun! Additionally, you and your partner can assist each other in taking “before and after pics”.




Thanks to social media and the power of hashtags, it’s easy to discover our fitspo (fitness inspiration) and use their success stories for our fitness goals. Why not give back and start a trend by creating your own fitness hashtag to help and inspire others? You don’t need to be a fitness guru or enthusiast to influence other people. All you need is a clear objective and a catchy hashtag to kick-start your very own fitspo trend.