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Eternal Summer: What To Do With Your Gorgeous Summer Photos

June 04, 2018

Yes, summer is officially out and while we can finally say goodbye to the scorching heat of the sun, it’s also sad to bid those eternal summer skies farewell—and slink back to the grind. Although we feel the need to tuck our sunglasses away, we don’t necessarily need to say goodbye to the special memories we made.

Summer will always be a time to create and capture moments and if you look through old albums, chances are most of the photos were taken during this season. Because summer is about exploration and discovery, you might want to keep your pictures for sentimental reasons. Whether it’s creating a scrapbook or decorating your room with your photos, seeing your summer snaps is a good way to motivate yourself and simply refresh the soul.

Here are some ideas about what to do with your gorgeous summer pics

Decorate your wall with your instant prints – if you’re never satisfied with your wallpaper, now’s the perfect time to use your summer pics! All you need is a selection of your favorite shots, a marker, and some adhesives. If you want to jazz it up a little more, go for those super cool and dainty fairy lights!

Spruce up your study corner/office cubicle – whether you want some fitspo or just a healthy reminder to work harder for the next summer, displaying your photos on your everyday corner is a good way to motivate yourself. All you need to do is put captions on your photo prints and tack them on a corkboard.

Create your own photo diary– summer scrapbooks preserve memories in a unique and enduring way. Go “oldschool” and use your summer photos to create a photo diary—think of it as a real-life Instagram where you can show your family and friends some pretty great memories over the years.

Gift them - personalize your gifts by putting the best prints on your gift wraps. With a little creativity and some thoughtful captions, you can turn your gift into an instant memorabilia that could last for generations to come.