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7 Charming Graduation Gift Ideas

February 27, 2018

Shopping for gifts could be both stressful and exciting. Stressful because the last thing you want is to give something tired and impersonal. However, thanks to bloggers, influencers, and social media, finding ideas and inspiration have become much more accessible nowadays.

Whether you’re gifting a college-bound student or someone who’s about to enter the workforce, there’s a ton of appropriate and practical gift ideas you can choose from. You don’t even have to limit yourself to giving just one gift. If you aren’t concerned about budget, why not give two, three, or even five gifts? Just make sure your fresh grad will find them useful and won’t wind up on top of a dusty window sill.

If you’re on a time crunch and are in need for some amazing grad gift ideas, take a look at these items:



Sure, everybody just uses their smartphones to check the time, but nothing beats a classy, understated watch. Watches also symbolizes hope that your recipient will cherish their time and use it wisely to achieve knowledge, experience, and success.





An essential staple that anybody would appreciate. If you think some brands are too expensive, you could always check out mid-range bags that are made from high-quality materials but don’t necessarily have come with a steep price tag. In fact, department stores offer well-made and carefully designed bags that are actually fully functional.




There’s nothing more memorable than receiving a lovely piece of jewellery. It signifies love, prosperity, strength, and everlasting beauty. While it may not be the most practical thing to give, it makes any recipient feel extra special. It could also be given for posterity and passed on to a line of generations.




Giving a camera as a gift is wishing your recipient to make many wonderful and fulfilling memories. In fact, cameras always make for an excellent present! If you can stretch your funds, and if your fresh grad is a photo enthusiast, a sophisticated yet compact mirrorless camera is the perfect present. If you’re working on a budget, a simple and cute instant camera will be an awesome gift. Either way, you can find ways to personalize them with other accessories as well.




Though giving a smartphone may be a bit costly, it sure is an instant pleaser. Just make sure your recipient needs one and that you’re replacing an actual older smartphone.





Assuming your recipient has no laptop, giving one could be the most practical gift yet. It’s a good way for your recipient to start anew with their studies, career, or their future. Before buying, you will need to consider a few things like build, display, and technical specs. Hence, it is wiser to bring someone who is technically savvy or you can bring your fresh grad with you to make them choose for themselves. You might lose the element of surprise, but it’s still the thought that counts.





Whether it’s for tools, makeup, or gadgets, a functional and durable organizer is a nifty gift for any soon-to-be-graduate. Make sure it’s spacious, compact, water-resistant, and portable.