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Tips For Taking The Perfect Selfie According To Liza Soberano

September 15, 2017

After her breakout series, Forevermore, lan ding endorsement deals left and right, and being cast as the new Darna, there seemes to be no stopping Liza Soberano.

She's just been snagged as the newest ambassador for Fujifilm, the company the brought us the addictively cute instax cameras.

Liza particularly uses three of Fujifilm's newest cameras: the Instax Mini 9, the SQ10, and the X-A3, a digital and mirrorless camera with a 180-degree tiltable LCD screen, making it perfect for anyone who wants to take great selfies every time. The camera operates with a touchscreen and has Fujifilm's Super Intelligent Flash system to automatically control how much light comes out in a photo, so you can snap away with ease knowing you'll get photos exactly as how ypu see them. Did we mention it also comes in three gorgeous colors (brown, silver, and pink)?

We couldn't resist asking Liza for some selfie tips (you know, in case we had any chance of looking as gorgeous as she does in every photo). It turns out she has only three simple tips for snapping a great selfie:

"I make sure that the background is nice, I look for the perfect lighting, and I put on my best smile."

Next time you go out with your camera, keep these wise words from Liza about what makes a great photo:

"It's when you're able to capture that memory, and when you look back at it, you can just feel what you were feeling at that moment."

Source: http://www.spot.ph/shopping/the-latest-shopping/71014/taking-the-perfect-selfie-according-to-liza-soberano-a1808-20170804