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Deck The Halls—with Instax Pics!

November 23, 2017

Previously, we talked about how to decorate a room using instax pictures. We discovered that it doesn’t take much to turn a plain-looking space into something fun and delightful—with just a few decorating tools, a stack of instax photos, and a little creativity, your room can instantly transform from drab to fab!

As the holiday season approaches, many people are looking for new ways to decorate their homes. The good news is, you don’t have to spend so much to reinvent your place. For this article, we will give some handy tips on how to make use of your instax camera. To start off, if you already have old Christmas-themed pictures (whether they were taken the previous year or ages ago), you can still use them to decorate or put a creative spin to your gift-wrapping skills as Christmas memories are always timeless.

What you need:

Try the instax Square SQ10 for more photo options.

  • check_box_outline_blank Instax camera
  • check_box_outline_blank Ribbons
  • check_box_outline_blank Pegs
  • check_box_outline_blank Scissors
  • check_box_outline_blank Gift wrapper, preferably plain
  • check_box_outline_blank Marker

Christmas tree

Photo by @Rebecca
via simpleasthatblog.com

  • brightness_1 Choose fun family photos from previous family holiday gatherings such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, etc.
  • brightness_1 If you do not have any instax photos yet, you can start taking some pictures using your SQ10. The great thing about it is that it works like a digital camera where you can store the photos, choose your favorite filter, and then print them. This way, no photos are “wasted” and you have the option to edit.
  • brightness_1 Using a peg and a ribbon, clip the photos one by one about five inches apart to make room for other trinkets.
  • brightness_1 Starting from the top of your Christmas tree, gently drape the ribbon downward
  • brightness_1 If you want to add more decorations, you can do so by using the gaps between the pictures.

Christmas presents

Photo by @sweeetbabyrae
via Instagram

  • brightness_1 Wrap your present with a gift wrapper.
  • brightness_1 Select one or two instax photos of your recipient. If you want to be more creative. You get take a picture of some memorable places that resonate with your recipient.
  • brightness_1 Using a marker, caption your photos with either a dedication or a quote.
  • brightness_1 To add some life to your photo, you can draw on the film or put some stickers, glitters, or fancy gems or even some flowers.

With these super nifty instax decorating tips, your family and friends can enjoy and be inspired to spread the good old Christmas cheer while taking more photos with your instax camera for the next holiday season!